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Photography & Industry is a broad subject and this module will focus on a number of themes to examine in detail - from the nineteenth through to the twenty-first century. Aside from some recent work on the photographic studio the wider photographic industry has largely been ignored by historians and there are few specific texts on this subject. The following are recommended general texts and more specific reading is given for each module. Although each section has 'required' reading some of the texts are out of print and hard to find and it is understood that it may not be possible for all reading to be done. Some material has been uploaded to the wiki for each presentation and speakers have been asked to provide material for making available to students.


A number of journals include general topics of interest although few have specifically published article on photography. The following are worth taking a look at:

Annals of Science

Business History

History of Photography

Technology and Culture


Douglas Collins, The story of Kodak, New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1990.

Steve Edwards, The making of English photography: Allgories, Pennsylvannia: Pennsylvannia State University Press, 2006, pp. 1-116.

Michel Frizot, A New History of Photography, Paris: Bordas, 1994, Chapter 11 (Architecture and Industry).

Reese V. Jenkins, Images and Enterprise. Technology and the American photographci industry 1839 to 1925, Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1975.

Elizabeth Anne MacCauley, Industrial Madness. Commercial photography in Paris 1848-1871, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994.


Steve Hamm and William C. Symonds, 'Kodak: Mistakes Made on the Road to Innovation' on BusinessWeek online, September 14, 2007. Click here to access [1].

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