Christian Boltanski

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Christian Boltanski b.1944

Boltanski is a French artist who works in a variety of mediums including Sculpture, Photography and Painting. Self taught, he originally started working with paint and adopted the use of photography is his work in the 1970's. Using found photographs he has completed exhibitions surounding memory, mortality and existance and famously makes work surrounding the killing of Jews during World War II within concentration camps such as Les archives 1965-1988, 1989 Installation with light. Metal, photographs, lamps, electric wire. 270 x 693 x 35.5 cm. 646 biscuit tins containing approximately 1,200 photographs and 800 miscellaneous documents, under 34 lamps and electric wire. An international artist who still practises today living and working in Malakoff, a suburb southwest of Paris.



Boltanski's opinion of his own work and on being an artist