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Cindy Sherman is an American artist born in 1954. Initially fascinated in the art of painting she soon moves her interested to photography, where her conceptual portraits give her success and prestige.

Untitled Film Still

Cindy.JPG Untitled Film Still #21, 1978. Film still -14.jpg Untitled Film Still #14, 1978.

Sherman began this series made of 69 black and white photographs in 1977 when the art scene was profusely marked by conceptualism. The protagonist in all the pictures is always the artist, who plays different roles in each image. The use of typical aspects of the popular culture makes the observer feeling familiar with them, originating a strange "dejà vu" sentiment. Through her work Cindy Sherman explores social stereotypes which lead to the analisys of the collective imaginary.


MoMA Cindy Sherman 26 February-June 11, 2012

Web Sites

Cindy Sherman home page [1].

A selection of Cindy Sherman's work can also be seen in the Metro Pictures gallery [2].


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