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Abate 1970.jpg Milagros Maldonado, Roma 1970.


Claudio Abate is a current Roman photographer born in 1943. As son of a painter, Abate become involved with art and photography when he was still a teenager: he began a collaboration with Press Service Agency at the age of 16. From 1961 to 1963 he worked for Life Magazine as assistant photographer to Eric Lessing, one of the founders of Magnum photo agency.

Hot years

During the Sixties the fulcrum of the Italian art was based in Rome, but also international artists were attracted by the Italian capital. Abate started a deep and intense collaboration with the artists and their works, becoming with his shoots the "eyewitness" of the artistic scene of that decade. Moreover his precious documentations are often the only proofs of events of which otherwise we would not have any record. With his work he provided significant testimony becoming the photographer-reader of avante-garde contemporary art. In photographing the art he combined the complexity of the expressive with the communicative process of the artists.

Pino pascali.jpg Pino Pascali, Roma, 1968.

12 Horses

In 1969 Abate documented one of Jannis Kounellis most famous performance: the Greek artist set up his installation in L'Attico Gallery in Rome, consisting in twelve live horses tethered in the gallery for some days.


His photos of the performance are not just a documentation of the event, but they give the actual vision of Kounellis work.


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