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Due Dates

For full time students the dissertation is due on the 1st of September.

For part time students the dissertation is due on the 1st of September in your second year.


You are to use Chicago Humanities style citation for your dissertation. For reference to this style, please refer to the Assessment page of the student handbook.

Technical Details

The dissertation should be 15,000 to 20,000 words NOT including footnotes.

Please use footnotes, not endnotes.

All illustrations will be numbered and an illustration list provided directly after the table of contents.

Illustrations may be inserted in the text or in an appendix.

Please use an appropriately sized font (12 or 14) and space 1.5 for ease of reading for your examiners.

Please submit your dissertations here.

Dissertation Discussion Page

Please form a dissertation discussion page here if you like. Use your colleagues, ask us questions, post interesting finds.

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