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Technical Points

This module is worth 30 credits

100% of your grade is based on the essay

December 31

Please upload your essay here


Please write an essay of 5,000 to 6,000 words, (this count does not include footnotes and bibliography), using one of the History Kits from the National Media Museum, Bradford. You will be presented with the choice of History Kits, that is our name for a group of photographic materials, and you are to choose one topic. On the Friday of your Bradford visit, you will have the opportunity to present your ideas to your colleagues and the curators of the National Media Museum in the form of a presentation on site, before we leave the Museum. 100% of your grade is based on the written essay and accompanying bibliography.

Please submit the essay on the wiki no later than midnight of the due date.


Please use the Chicago Manual of Style, Humanities referencing system (the N: form given on this quick guide, and the B: form for your Bibliography). Please number all your pages and provide a title page with your name, the module name and number and your title. You may choose font and layout as you see fit, but please make it easy to read by using 12 or 13pt type and 1.5 spacing. Images may be integrated into the text or attached as an Appendix, but please number them and use the numbers in the text for easy reference. For reference to Chicago Style, please refer to the Assessment page of the student handbook.


For this first essay you will be given a choice of objects from the collection of the National Media Museum in Bradford. Images that you take of these objects may be loaded up to the wiki for you to study during the semester, and you will study the objects in person during our trip to the NMM, Bradford. You are to choose ONE or MORE objects from the group given and treat them as the subject of your essay. The objects will be numbered only, and no names or bibliographic information given. Your task is to write about the object, its history, and the context in which it was made, viewed, appreciated, or even hated. How did it circulate? What sort of cultural histories are attached to it? Most importantly, however, you are to consider the role of the object(s) in photographic history and photographic practice.

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