Jaromír Funke

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Jaromír Funke 1896 - 1945. Funke was one of the founding / as well as Sudek / generation of modern Czech photography. Funke is best know for abstract photo work from the years 1927 to 1929. For their substance chose particular light and space, which projected compositions assembled out of focus. Along with visions nepředmětnosti - non - object or non subject, Funke photographed still life of glass and ordinary things, /Composition with Kingfisher/ and mirroring (Refexy in the cycle work). Funke encompassed the stage pictorialism poetism, constructivism, new objectivity, functionalism and surrealism. Captivating photos are a given Abstract-isms beyond. It belongs to the most personal and photographer manifestations are nothing less than artful response to photograms, shadow play art objects imposed on light-sensitive leaves.