Jindřich Štreit

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Jindřich Štreit 1964 - The Czech documentary photographer Jindrich Streit significantly longer enrolled in his first cycle of Man (1972-1974). His feeling for suggesting the topic of social work in addition to photographic and wide charity. In 1982 he participated as the only photographer unauthorized exhibitions of unofficial artists at the tennis courts in Prague, where his pictures attracted the attention of the secret police. He was taken into custody and later sentenced to imprisonment of ten months conditionally suspended for two years. The reason for determining the sentence to two sections of the Criminal Code (defamation of the Republic and its leaders) were subjected to interpretation and never unpublished photos (after the official tour photographer's archive). Part of the punishment was confiscation of the negatives and positives, and the camera as an instrument of criminal acts. Jindrich Streit was forbidden to continue his criminal activity was monitored and photography. In the history of photography is probably unique in this case.