Josef Sudek

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'Josef Sudek 1896 - 1976.' Czech photographer which he is famous for his Prague motives, landscapes but also for his advertising images. Josef Sudek worked at first sight as poor, slightly unkempt man, but it was a kind of image. You could say that the deceived body. His disability had on the one hand, complicated work - because it often wearing technicians helping friends and admirers - the other side but it led to the fact that distract other things than art. Sudek taught, he studied the works of photographers for example of Alfred Stieglitz format, charmed him piktorialismus or soft in the image according to the model of Impressionism. Formal education, then entered the State School of Graphic Arts in Prague, where he trained under the auspices of Professor Karel Novak. Sudek is also famous for his photography studio. [1]