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Included in the exhibition New Topographics: Photographs of a man altered landscape Lewis Baltz has been a major influence on Landscape photography since 1975. His work is a reflection of the Landscape that dominated Capitalist America during the 70's and 80's, suburban man made environments - the subject matter in particular helped to revolutionise how photography looked at the landscape as it was in opposition to what had traditionally been chosen for subject matter in both Europe and America since the 19th Century.

"The drab, dispassionate images in this show rebutted the sometimes lush, somteimes sublime attitude toward the land expressed in a photographic tradition derived from nineteenth century images of the American West." (Mary Warner Marien, Photography: A Cultural History, 2006. Page 353)

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Selected Projects

The New Industrial Parks near Irvine California
Blog post about The New Industrial Parks near Irvine California

Sites of Technology

Some of my favourite images

New Industrial Parks Near Irvine [1] (taken from [2])[3] (taken from: [4])

89 - 91 Sites of Technology [5] (taken from: [6])

The Prototype Works [7] (Taken from: [8])

Further reading

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Lewis Baltz – Photography is a Political Technology of the Gaze” (1993) By Jean-Pierre Greff and Elisabeth Milon
New Topographics. Text by Britt Salvesen, Alison Nordström. Steidl & Partners, 2009.
Lewis Baltz talks to TateShots
"Notes on Recent Industrial Developments in Southern California” - Lewis Baltz(1974)

Week 1. History of Photography