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Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, also known as Lewis Carroll was an English author and photographer.

January, 1832 - Born in Daresbury, Cheshire England

May, 1850 - Enrolls in Oxford University

February, 1856 - Helps by Edmund Yates Charles Dodgson selects Lewis Carroll as his pseudonym

March, 1856 - Acquires his first camera

1865 - "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is published

1871 - "Through the Looking-Glass" is published

January, 1898 - Dies in Guilford, England

For more information on Lewis Carroll's life visit the Lewis Carroll Society: [1]

Photographing Children

"In an 1877 letter, Carroll tells his correspondent that he considers himself "an amateur-photographer whose special line is ‘children’." He then encourages the recipient to bring the children by to meet him "not [to] be photographed then and there (I never succeed with strangers), but to make acquaintance with the place and the artist, and to see how they relished the idea of coming, another day, to be photographed."

Carroll’s photographic style evolved from the straightforward work of his early family albums into a more adventurous and interpretive one. In an almost magical fashion, Carroll’s photography allowed the natural child and the fanciful artist to combine in the production of memorable images. In fact, Carroll has left us with some of the most profound portraits of children ever created."[2]

Further Reading and Images

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(This database solely lists Lewis Carroll's photographs by date/ subject. The are no scans of the photographs)

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Lewis Carroll: [5]

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