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I obtained my BA at University of Florence with a dissertation on the Italian System of gallery during the Seventy and Eighties. I also focused on the so called Italian School of landscape, exploring how americans photographers, like William Eggleston amnd Stephen Shore, has influencend the italians. Thanks to Erasmus Programme I spent 8 months in Paris (Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne) researching on the exhibition Une autre Objectivité (Paris, 1989).


Relationships between contemporary art and photography.


Pop culture and code of representations.

Photographic websites[]

History of Photography, Images & Practice:

Week 1: Mario Luigi Primoli 19th century, Luigi Ghirri 20th Century, Pieter Hugo 21th century\non-canonical

Photography Resources in a Digital Age:

Week 1:

- Cataloguing system: File:The Roger Taylor Collection Mario groupC2famous.xls

- Copyright and IPR presentation: File:Obama, Obey and Copyright- which boundaries for creativity Mario Pagano.ppt

week 3:

Mario - Metadata. A short Introduction File:Metadata Prova.pptx

week 9

The Beauty and The Unknown from The Victorian Past

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