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Michael Pritchard has been researching and working within photographic history since the 1980s. From 1986 to 2007 he worked at the auction house Christie's (http://www.christies.com) as a photographic specialist and latterly as Director of photographic auctions. This entailed travelling within the United Kingdom and internationally to source material, researching and cataloguing it as well as the associated functions around marketing, catalogue production and managing the department. He also had wider managerial responsibilities within Christie's and worked on a number of projects mainly to do with the internet, IT, training and revising business processes.

In 2007 he began work on a PhD study examining the growth of development of the British photographic industry between 1839 and 1914 from the perspective of consumer demand. His PhD which was supervised by Professor Roger Taylor was completed in 2010. He has recently been appointed Director-General of The Royal Photographic Society (http://www.rps.org)

Michael acted as an advisor and contributed to the Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Photography (Routledge, 2007) and contributed to the Oxford Companion to the Photograph (OUP, 2005), and Phaidon Design Classics (Phaidon, 2006). He edited Photographica World between 1987-2001 and has published extensively on British photographic history. He was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society for his work in photographic history and he sits on the Society's Research, Education and Application of Photography (which covers photographic history!) distinctions panel. Since 2009 he has run the British photographic history blog (http://britishphotohistory.ning.com). Michael has lectured extensively on photographic history including presentations at the National Media Museum in Bradford, George Eastman House in Rochester, as well as other venues in the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia.

His research interests centre around the history of photographic technology (cameras, processes, etc), the business of photography (studios, and companies), early photographic literature, the photographic society and camera club and other aspects of British photographic history during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Away from photography he has interests in hillwalking, running and cycling, visiting museums and galleries and cinema.

Outside of DMU he can be reached by email at: michael@mpritchard.com and he has a personal website (http://www.mpritchard.com).

Students can contact Michael via email any anytime. You can normally expect a response within twelve hours, or by phone on: 07789 313332.

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