Minor White

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Primary Sources

Rites and Passages

White, Minor. Mirrors, Messages, Manifestations. 2d ed. Millerton, N.Y.: Aperture, 1982

Secondary Sources

[2]Structure of Photographic Metaphors


Frosted Window [3]

Golden Gate Bridge [4]

Minor White Influenced

Eugene Richards - Hard Hitting works such as Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue [5]

And latterly The Blue Room which documents American Houses and their contents which have been abandoned over the last 10 - 15 years. [6] [7]

Interesting Facts:

White was an extremely religious person and his photography was largely influenced by his spiritual inclination.

He was also a great teacher who encouraged his students to use the medium of photography as a gateway of self discovery.

One of his most vital legacies to photography is his magazine Aperture which is still regarded as the finest photography publication of all times.

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