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Week 0. Begin Archival Research for MA Dissertation (16 Dec-3 January--DMU Holiday Break)

Week 1. Introduction: Photography's Social and Political Lives (9 January)

Week 2. Photo-Portraiture: Social Emplacement (16 January)

Week 3. Marginalised Bodies: Criminals and Other "Social Deviants" (23 January)

Week 4. “Colonialist Photography” and Photographic Cultural Exchange (30 January)

Week 5. Visit to Cambridge University South Asian Photographic Collections (6 February)

Week 6. Tutorials/ Research Methods (Poster Design) (13 February)

Week 7. Student Presentations/ Naked Bodies: Photographic Histories of Gender and Sexuality (20 February)

Week 8. Student Presentations/ Domestic Ethnographies: Conceptualising Family Photography (27 February)

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