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Assignment Description

The assignment links closely to work that you will undertake during the Bradford Residency, although you will need to continue with aspects of it after we leave Bradford.

The work you undertake on your Bradford P&I history kit should inform part of your assessed work and you will have sufficient time to make photographs, to take descriptions of items and to start work on your bibliography. You will need to then continue with your individual component of this work.

Your assessment is in two parts each weighted 50% for your grade.

First Part - weighted 50%

Firstly, will be a piece of work where you prepare a brief for presenting the material and story that you, individually, wish to tell. This should be a series of detailed slides, with information that you can present in your oral exam. Your submission should cover:

· A detailed description of the objects you are presenting

· What story you are using them to describe (the main theme of the exhibition)

· Your target audience (and other supporting demographics)

· Why those objects can be used

· How the objects would be physically displayed and in what sort of setting (consider conservation issues)

· A sample panel text and object labels

· Any other supporting materials for your audience including an audio guide if you like

This part of the assignment should consist of 6 slides maximum (with or without an audio guide if you choose). You will present this in 10 minutes on assessment day. You will then hand in the slides, along with NO MORE THAN 2 sides of A4 single spaced (if you can do it in less, then that would be good!). Less is more.

Second Part weighted 50%

The second part of your assessment, also worth 50%, rests on your ability to research and prepare a formal bibliography relating to the subject matter of your assessment objects and theme. This should be properly structured according to the material you are citing and should be 1-2 sides of A4. This exercise will also help support the first piece of work.

The assignment is due for submission by TBC.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Understood the current and historical sense of Industry in terms of photography
  • Evaluated the importance of the market place for photography
  • Understood the affect and effect of commerce on photography and its histories
  • Demonstrated their ability to build a research topic from concept to completion and designed a presentation that effectively communicates their ideas
  • Synthesized their own and others’ experience as professionals into a research topic

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