Week 1. History of Photography

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A Common Language for Photography

Meeting Details

Tuesday October 1

Morning seminar 10:00am - 12:00pm, Portland 2.3 The Canon

Afternoon seminar 1:30 - 4pm, Portland 1.24 Continuation of The Canon.

Preparation for this week In preparation for this week, please research three photographers. One photographer should be from the 19th century and one from the 20th (or 21st) century 'canon' as you understand it and be prepared to present it to the group. Also bring one photographer that may challenge the way we perceive the canon of photography. You may load images and texts relating to this photographer on the wiki, but first choose three photographers that you would like to introduce, and put their names after yours. When you click on the edit button, you can see how I did this and copy my (Kelley's) coding, or you may innovate. You will have 3 minutes to present each of your photographers, please make sure that you keep to time. Please do not choose photographers that any one else has chosen, this year or in the past. To see a list of photographers chosen by past cohorts of the MA, go to Photographic History Resources to the Photographers' Biographies.


What is a photographic history canon? How would you know if you had a survey or even sufficient knowledge of the field? These are questions we all ask ourselves. Today we will devote the entire day to learning some photographers that we feel are part of the canon. The aim is not only to give an overview to certain names and images we know, but to realize how diverse our notions of the canon really are.

Where do you go to look for canonical work or photographers? In the past, students have suggested the following, can you add to it? Please put your suggestion in the list below.

Ian Jeffries Revisions;

Reaktion Series Photography & . . .;

Geoff Batchen Burning with Desire;

History of Photography Journal;

Etudes Photographiques;

Robert Lassam, A Portrait of Photography;

Graham Clarke The Photograph;

British Journal of Photography (BJP);

Museum websites: Metropolitan Museum of Art; George Eastman House; New York Public Library; Library of Congress; Smithsonian;

Your photographers

Kelley William Henry Fox Talbot (19th c); Paul Strand (20th c) ; Claudia Terstappen (contemporary)

Ela Albert Londe (19th c); Joel-Peter Witkin (20th c) (contemporary) ; Kelli Connell (contemporary)

David Robert Howlett (19th c); Ansel Adams (20th c); Vivian Maier (contemporary)

Gareth Lady Clementine Hawarden (19th c.); David Bailey (20th c.); Nadav Kandar (contemporary)

Joanna Felice Beato (19th c); Philippe Halsman (20th c); Julia Fullerton-Batten (Contemporary)

Francesca James Robertson (19th c); Andreas Gursky (20th c); Le Corbusier (contemporary)

Please do not use any photographer that is already in the Photographers' Biographies of the Photographic History Resources

This Help page will be useful for creating your wiki page

Feedback ()

The feedback is due by the Monday after the session is offered.

This material should be provided as a short response to the following three questions:

1. In one sentence for each, please note two or three main ideas from this session.


2. What concept(s) need more reinforcement?


3. What two or three aspects of this session did the group like/dislike and why?


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