Week 2. Photography & Industry

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2013 visit to National Media Museum, Bradford

March 12-15

Travel details: TBC

Hotel: Jury's Inn, Bradford

Colin Harding, Kris Juncker and NMeM staff

For the Photography & Industry module the Residency at the National Media Museum (NMeM) will provide the opportunity to examine some of the photographic technology within the collections. The key collections held at the NMeM of the Science Museum, Kodak Museum and Royal Photographic Society provide a unique insight into the technology of photography from the nineteenth century into the twentieth century which has been brought up to date by the museum's own collecting of more recent material. Cameras, sensitised materials and photographic accessories used to make the image together with methods of display and presentation such as albums, stereoscopes and projectors are all represented.

Cameras and photographic equipment are frequently overlooked within the study of the history of photography. A familiarity with the different types of camera - from the early box form camera to the amateur cameras of the 1890-1900s, to more recent and specialised cameras can provide an insight into why photographic images look as they do. The evolution of sensitised materials, similarly, played an important role changing the way photography was used, as well as having a distinctive technological history of its own.

The archival and library resources of the museum will offer the opportunity to research particular objects from the collections.

provisional programme

Tuesday, 12 March Train to Bradford Interchange/Forster Square.

Please drop off your luggage at the Jury's Inn--across from the NMeM.

Meet in front of National Media Museum at 1:00pm

Introduction to Cameras - Colin Harding

17:00 Leave for the day

Wednesday, 13 March

10:00 Convene at NMeM, Insight

break for lunch between 1pm-2pm

1700. Leave for the day

Thursday, 14 March

10:00. Convene at NMeM, Insight

Continue work on the history kits / there will be a break for lunch between 1pm-2pm

14:00 History Kits

Invitation to launch of Tom Wood exhibition - opportunity to meet the artist

Friday, 15 March

Work with history kits Kris Juncker and Colin Harding individual tutorials

13:00-14:00 lunch

Work with history kits until 16:00

17:00 train back to Leicester/Nottingham/wherever you came from


The P&I history kits.

You may find a digital camera and laptop helpful to bring with you. If you don't have a digital camera I will have one and can put any images you make on to a DVD for you. Pencils and a ruler will be useful. The museum will provide gloves.


The work you undertake on your P&I history kit should inform part of your assessed work and you should have sufficient time to make photographs, to take descriptions of items and to start work on your bibliography. You will need to then continue with your individual component of this work. If you wish to spend more time using the museum resources then Friday will be available by prior arrangement.

Your assessment is in two parts:

Firstly, will be a piece of work where you prepare a brief for presenting the material and story that you, individually, wish to tell. This should be a series of detailed slides, with information that you can present in your oral exam. Your submission should cover: · A detailed description of the objects you are presenting · What story you are using them to describe (the main theme of the exhibition) · Your target audience (and other supporting demographics) · Why those objects can be used · How the objects would be physically displayed and in what sort of setting (consider conservation issues) · A sample panel text and object labels · Any other supporting materials for your audience

Secondly, research and prepare a formal bibliography relating to the subject matter of your assessment objects and theme. This should be properly structured according to the material you are citing and should be 1-2 sides of A4. This exercise will also help support the first piece of work.

Suggested Reading

Harding, Colin, Classic Cameras, Lewes: Photographers' Institute Press, 2009.

Support materials

National Media Museum Gallery 1 plan

National Media Museum Gallery 2 plan

Kodak Ltd Camera Production 1927-1977 document

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