Week 5: Photographic Art 08/02/2011

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Egons Spuris (1931 - 1990) developed his own style in the Soviet Latvia where was widespread salon easthetisation. His photos could be described as subjective documentation. Mentor of many known contemporary photoraphers, like: Inta Ruka, Andrejs Grants, Gvido Kajons, Valts Kleins, among others, Egons Spuris established documentary traditions in the Latvian contemporary photography.

"The series "Riga. Working Class Districts" is a treasure of the history of Latvian photography. They show an allegorical revelation of the essence of the age through individual experience. They have artistic qualities that can be enjoyed regardless of all that has been mentioned here: the poetic play of light and dark, the graphic composition of shadows and the rendering aesthetic of a seemingly ugly, ordinary environment, as well as a cinematographic sense of time and particular surrealist motifs arising through certain non-traditional perspectives." (Alise Tīfentāle.'Where Concepts Meets the Meaning of Life", in Studija, 2003)


Inertia 1967 Gelatin silver print 21.4 x 37.2 cm.


Architectural study 1967 Gelatin silver print 38.5 x 29.9 cm.

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