Wilhelm Von Gloeden (19th c)

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Baron Wilhelm Von Gloeden was a German photographer (1856-1931) who worked most of his life in Sicily.In 1893 he had his first official recognition as a photographer, in fact he won a medal at the Royal Photographic Society of London.

The beauty of the nudity


Caino, 1899 ca.

Since he moved to Taormina, the beautiful sicilian town where Von Gloeden will spend lots of years, his favourite subjects will be naked boys in a bucolic setting. Many of his pictures were published in photographic magazines and although the erotic theme was characterizing them, the circulation and the sale was impressive at that time. He produced around 5,000 photographs, not only about male's body: beautiful panorama, portraits of common people and frames of everyday life can be found in his work. After his death Mussolini's police destroyed 1,000 glass negatives and 2,000 prints classified as obscene.


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