William Henry Fox Talbot

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primary sources

An early historical account from the Talbot Correspondence.

Talbot's Correspondence

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Talbot, W.H.F. "Contributions toward a glossary of the Assyrian Language" Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society n.s. v.3

secondary sources

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Here is a selection from the Metropolitan Museum in New York. A search for Talbot will give you 6 pages of images and I have only chosen a few of my own favourites. Please search for your own and add them here if you like.

Articles of China


Winter Trees


Open Door

Wild Fennel

Cathedral at Orleans

You could also view this exhibition by Larry Schaaf on Luminous Lint

Interesting Facts

Hiroshi Sugimoto recently printed some of Talbot's photogenic drawings and they are on tour with his work called Lightning Fields.

Fox Talbot gets a name-check in XTC's song 'Then She Appeared' (Nonsuch, 1992) written by Andy Partridge.

"Then she appeared, the first photograph on Fox Talbot's gel."

Then She Appeared/XTC on YouTube

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