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In this session you continue to work on your group project. Your task is to work as a team to:

  • Define the target audience for your exhibition.
  • Develop and test initial design ideas using paper based protoypes.
  • You can use this free tool to mock up your designs a little more professionally than just drawing them by hand.
  • Refine and reconstruct your design using this wiki.
  • Present your design to your tutors in a stand-up presentation, explaining what you have done and why.

For further details see the Module assignment.

User trials

Dont forget what you have learned about user-centred design. By this week your project prototype should be advanced enough to test it with some user trials. Make sure you apply what you have learned about:

  • Creating user profiles and defining sample tasks.
  • Taking notes of what users say and do.
  • Recording users using stills and video.

Group project user trials

Recordings of user trials 21 November 2013

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

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