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Gavin Maitland: [[File:Gavin_Maitland_Thesis.pdf‎]]
Gavin Maitland: [[File:Gavin_Maitland_Thesis.pdf‎]]
Baiba Tetere: [[Baiba_Tetere_dissertation_14.09.2011.pdf]]
Baiba Tetere: [[File:Baiba_Tetere_dissertation_14.09.2011.pdf]]

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Damian Hughes: File:DPHughes Subject to Subject Submitted.pdf

Mort Marsh, submission by CD to office

John Waddington:File:Dissertation John Waddington.pdf

Graham Wood: File:1862 Exhibition stereoviews dissertation Graham Wood.pdf

Gavin Maitland: File:Gavin Maitland Thesis.pdf

Baiba Tetere: File:Baiba Tetere dissertation 14.09.2011.pdf