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==Feedback (Sarah Kay)==
==Feedback ==
The feedback is due by the '''Monday''' after the session is offered.
The feedback is due by the '''Monday''' after the session is offered.

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The feedback is due by the Monday after the session is offered.

This material should be provided as a short response to the following three questions:

1. In one sentence for each, please note two or three main ideas from this session.

    A. Not Applicable completing presentation as a group. 

    B. Second Idea

    C. Third Idea (optional)

2. What concept(s) need more reinforcement?

    A. Table building tools on the wiki - Formatting extra training/tutorial as Help page was not very helpful 

    B. Slightly unsure as to what you want from us in terms of presentation. Nothing to compare to previously and criteria was not clear. We hope you enjoy. 

    C. Third question (optional)?

3. What two or three aspects of this session did the group like/dislike and why?

    A. THE WIKI!!! We have been experiencing major issues with the wiki, during this lesson and it has delayed our progress. This has also been experienced when we have needed to use it from home. 

    B. Good use of group time, just get straight on with task at hand. 

    C. Glad its over :) Merry Christmas!!! 

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