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(Feedback (Sarah Kay))
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==Feedback (Sarah Kay)==
==Feedback ==
The feedback is due by the '''Monday''' after the session is offered.
The feedback is due by the '''Monday''' after the session is offered.

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The feedback is due by the Monday after the session is offered.

This material should be provided as a short response to the following three questions:

1. In one sentence for each, please note two or three main ideas from this session.

    A. First Idea

How to construct ERD using different projects including our own as models

    B. Second Idea

The significance of using Erd diagrams in constructing databases

    C. Third Idea (optional)

Types of databases and issues to overcome when drawing an ERD 2. What concept(s) need more reinforcement?

    A. First question?

N/A to be covered in next session

    B. Second question?

The difference between an entity and an attribute was confusing when it could be either

    C. Third question (optional)?

3. What two or three aspects of this session did the group like/dislike and why?

    A. First like/dislike and why.

Applying the concept of ERD directory to our project as a group with it still fresh in our minds

    B. Second like/dislike and why.

Lots of things covered in one day was difficult to take it all in

    C. Third like/dislike and why. (optional) 

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