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==Feedback (Jayne Knight)==
==Feedback ==
The feedback is due by the '''Monday''' after the session is offered.
The feedback is due by the '''Monday''' after the session is offered.

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The feedback is due by the Monday after the session is offered.

This material should be provided as a short response to the following three questions:

1. In one sentence for each, please note two or three main ideas from this session.

    A. ERD's and tables and the importance of understanding both's content to construct the database

    B. Filemaker pro, and how to construct a database using our ERD's and understanding fields, entity's and attributes.


2. What concept(s) need more reinforcement?

    A. Linking the tables

    B. Second question?

    C. Third question (optional)?

3. What two or three aspects of this session did the group like/dislike and why?

    A. I enjoyed and enjoying the speed in which we're getting things done, the progression feels good

    B. Liked working as a group to decide fields and relationships for RTSA database

    C. Sometimes I wasn't sure why we were doing things, just how to do them but I liked the fact that we did the tasks while they were being taught

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