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I recently graduated from a BA in Photography at Southampton Solent and during this time was interested in Architectural photography and Modernist architectural theory in both my creative and academic work. I found that my creative work was increasingly influenced by the academic readings I had come across for my essays and in turn started to enjoy researching more than the creative process.

In my final year I created a project on photographic postcards of Southampton. I was interested in both the changing architecture and the photographic styles that changed with taste and technology. This work took me in to the local archives to find source material and learn about the city's history, which lead me to want to know more about the workings of an archive and the transformations institutions are going through in this digital age.

Southampton Postcards

During this MA I would like to do some more work relating to archives and the use of images in contexts such as museums, galleries and interactive media.

I have recently moved to Leicester for the MA but grew up on the South coast in Chichester, West Sussex, a small town with Roman and Medieval origins.

As well as having a passion for Photography I also like reading literature, baking (as we well know now) and cats - yes I'm one of THOSE cat people.

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