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== [[Photography Donations for MA in Photographic History and Practice Publicity]] ==

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MA: Photographic History

Welcome to the De Montfort University MA: Photographic History session 2010-2011

Please click on one of the links below to enter a module.

Course modules Semester 1

History of Photography, Images & Practice (30 credits)

Research Methods begins

Photography Resources in a Digital Age (15 credits)

Course modules Semester 2

Theory & Photography (30 credits)

Photographic Ethnographies (15 credits)

Photography & Industry (15 credits)

Research Methods ends (15 credits)

Course module Semester 3


Student & staff pages 2009-10

Student & staff pages 2010-11

Photographic History Resources


Course feedback 2010

Photography Donations for MA in Photographic History and Practice Publicity

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