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[[Dissertation]] (60 credits)
[[Dissertation]] (60 credits)
[[Testing]] (160 credits)

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MA: Photographic History and Practice

Welcome to the De Montfort University MA: Photographic History session 2013-2014.

Throughout the course you are going to be using this wiki a lot. A wiki is an online environment that many people can read (like a Web site) but also many people can write to (like a sort of group Blog). You have full read and write access to this wiki. That means you can read anything posted by anyone else to the wiki (and of course they can read your postings too). You can also add and change any content, even material posted by other people. This is because we want you to contribute your own knowledge and to work with your colleagues to help build a shared understanding of the subject. As a postgraduate we trust you to exercise this power responsibly (and the wiki does actually track when you make any changes). To get you started we have created a page for you in the Student & staff pages 2013-2014. You should begin to populate this page with information about yourself and use it to create links to new pages where you can keep your notes, assignments, pictures, etc.

Please click on one of the links below to enter a module.

Course modules Semester 1

History of Photography, Images & Practice (30 credits)

Research Methods begins

Photography Resources in a Digital Age (15 credits)

Course modules Semester 2

Theory & Photography (30 credits)

Photographic Ethnographies (15 credits)

Photography & Industry (15 credits)

Research Methods ends (15 credits)

Course module Semester 3

Dissertation (60 credits)

Testing (160 credits)

Student & staff pages 2009-10

Student & staff pages 2010-11

Student & staff pages 2011-12

Student & staff pages 2012-2013

Student & staff pages 2013-2014

Photographic History Resources