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Photography Resources in a Digital Age



Group presentation: 5 December 2012.

Individual critique: 12 December 2012 .


The assignment for this module is in two parts. The first part is a group design exercise (70%). In the second part you will critically appraise your group's design (30%).

Part 1: Group design exercise

This is a collaborative design exercise. Your group are asked to design an online exhibition based on the content you have already amassed during this module. The exhibition is to be displayed in this wiki environment and it should include at least text and still pictures (although other media can be used as well at your discretion). Remember, an exhibition tells a story, so think carefully about who your audience are and how you are going to structure and illustrate your narrative to suit them.

You will present your final design via a group presentation at the end of the module. The group presentation should explain who your design is for, describe how you developed the design, what you learned when you tested it and how user feedback influenced your final design.

Your presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes. Please upload your presentation to the wiki and post a link to it here:

This assignment is not a test of your artistic ability and you will not receive marks for creating visual treatments that exceed the limitations of the wiki.

You will receive marks for:

  • Effective collaboration and team work
  • Clear structure, narrative flow and clarity of expression of your group presentation
  • Appropriate use of images and text within the Web delivery environment
  • Suitability of your design for your chosen target audience

Part 2: Individual critique

For this part of the assignment, (to be completed after the group design presentations) write a critical appraisal of your group's final design. To do this, explain the criteria you are going to employ, give your group design an overall mark out of 100, and justify the mark you have given the group design in terms of your criteria, assessing its strengths and weaknesses, with reference to the readings referenced in this module and your empirical findings.

Your appraisal should be presented as a written essay (word limit 1500 words not including references) with supporting images and multimedia files as necessary to illustrate your points. Please upload your essay to the wiki and post a link to it here.

You will receive marks for:

  • The relevance of the criteria you have selected for your target audience.
  • How well you have applied these criteria to the group design.
  • How well you have illustrated your argument with pictures.
  • Effective use of the references provided in the module bibliography.
  • Correct and comprehensive referencing technique.

Uploaded Critique Assignments

Please upload your critique to the wiki and post a link to it here:

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