Paul Strand

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Sarah Greenhough's essay listed below


Picture 12.png

Boy, Hidalgo. 1933. Metropolitan Museum of Art

This still taken during his time in Mexico filming The Wave (Redes), solidified his position as a communist filmmaker in the US. The stills became a portfolio of images of Mexican people who defined the nobility in manual (and collective) work, especially those still fishing in traditional ways.

Works on Strand

Paul Strand vol. 2, (Zurich: Galerie zur Stockeregg)

Paul Strand The Hebridean Photographs (Edinburgh: Scottish Photography Group, 1971)

Greenough, Sarah.Paul Strand An American Vision (New York: Aperture and the National Gallery of Art, 1990)

Paul Strand Sixty Years of Photographs (New York: Aperture, 1976)


Manahatta with Charles Scheeler on Youtube (turn off the sound to experience the original)

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