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In this page you will find all the history resources recommended in each module plus any others that we feel are particularly useful or interesting. They are listed by country, in alphabetical order. Sometimes the link leads to a specific part of a larger institution (like the geographical society pages of the National Library of France) where photographic collections are searchable. As you find useful pages please add them

MA Bibliography

The MA Bibliography represents the readings compiled for not only this year's MA, but from all the preceding years. You will find these writings listed in alphabetical order by author. We have also provided links here to all our uploaded files, in case you can't remember while week of which module you read something. Please feel free to add articles to this bibliography that are required reading in any week of the programme.

Photographer Biographies

These biographies have been compiled by members of previous cohorts on the MA. They make for fascinating reading but may need editing. Please feel free to edit them, add to them, comment on them. They are resources for your own use, but should be used with care.

Ackerman Michael Ackerman (contemporary)

Baltz Lewis Baltz

Boltanski Christian Boltanski

Bragaglia Anton Giulio Bragaglia (Futurist Movement)

Cameron Julia Margaret Cameron (19th c)

Carroll, Lewis see Dodgson, Charles

Daguerre Louis-Jacques Mande Daguerre

Derges Susan Derges

Dodgson, Charles Lewis Carroll

Dolven AK Dolven (contemporary)

Evans Walker Evans (20th c)

Fenton Roger Fenton

Fuss Adam Fuss (contemporary)

Ghirri Luigi Ghirri

Gray Gustave Le Grey

Graham Paul Graham

Hausser Robert Hausser

Haviv Ron Haviv

Henner Mishka Henner

Hugo Pieter Hugo

Kasebier Gertrude Kasebier

Kassay Jacob Kassay

Keita Seydou Keita (20th c)

Kertesz Andre Kertesz (20th c)

Klein William Klein (20th c)

Knight Nick Knight - Fashion and art

Mann Sally Mann

Martin Paul Martin (19th c)

Martins Edgar Martins

Maisel David Maisel (contemporary)

Mikhailov Boris Mikhailov

Moore Raymond Moore (20th c)

Mumler William Mumler (19th c)

Munby Arthur Munby

Nadar Nadar (19th c)

McGinley Ryan McGinley

Medkova Emila Medkova

Primoli Luigi Primoli

Richardson Terry Richardson

Robinson Henry Peach Robinson

Rodchenko Alexander Rodchenko

Sander August Sander

Schaffer Mary Schaffer (19th c)

Sidibe Malick Sidibe(contemporary)

Simon Taryn Simon (contemporary)

Spence Jo Spence

Spuris Egons Spuris

Steiglitz Alfred Steiglitz (19th c)

Strand Paul Strand

Streit Jindřich Štreit

Sudek Josef Sudek

Talbot William Henry Fox Talbot

Terstappen Claudia Terstappen

Thomson John Thomson

Tichy Miroslav Tichy

Veasey Nick Veasey

Weston Edward Weston

White Minor White

Woodman Francesca Woodman (20th c)

Eadweard Muybridge (19th c); Henri Cartier-Bresson (20th c); Dr. Mike Simmons (contemporary)

Wilhelm Von Gloeden (19th c); Cindy Sherman (contemporary);  Claudio Abate (contemporary)
 Hippolyte Bayard (19th century); László Moholy-Nagy (20th Century); Joan Fontcuberta (contemporary)
 E.O.Hoppe;  Doug Rickard;  David Octavious Hill  File:Presentation2.pptx
, Jaromír Funke,

Current Events

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Funding Opportunities

This section gives listings of opportunities for funding, both at the MA and Phd levels. It also lists current calls for jobs, papers, essays for essay prizes, internships, and any other material we think might be useful. Please add anything you feel might be relevant for your colleagues. The administrator will update this page occasionally, removing out of date items.

MA Funding

For HOME/EU students:

AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) Professional Preparation Master’s Scheme The AHRC scheme provides funding for full and part-time study on Master's or postgraduate Diploma courses that focus on developing high-level skills and competencies for professional practice.

Further information can be found at or by writing to AHRC Postgraduate Awards Division, Whitefriars, Lewins Mead, Bristol, BS1 2AE. Click here for further information.

Libraries, Museums and Archives

All Countries

Public Moving Image Archives


Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography


Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal)

China and Taiwan

East Asia Image Collections, Lafayette College


Bibliothèque National (Paris), Société de Géographie

Société français de Photographie (Paris)


Fotoerbe, a database for German photographic collections

United Kingdom

British Library (London)

British Library Catalogue of Photographically Illustrated Books

National Media Museum, Bradford

National Portrait Gallery, London

V&A Museum Photography Collection, London

Design Council Slide Collection, Manchester Metropolitan University

Science and Society Picture Archive



Centro Portugues de Fotografia

United States

Museum of Fine arts (Houston, Texas)

George Eastman House (Rochester, New York)

Harry Ransom Center (Austin, Texas)

New York Public Library

Library of Congress

Image Permanence Institute

Photographic Libraries Index

East Asia Image Collections Lafayette College Libraries

Picture Libraries

Hulton Getty Archive

Science and Society Picture Library of the National Museum of Science and Industry, UK

World Press Photo Archive online

Texts and Text Databases online

Hathi Trust has a huge database online that sometimes has great resources. It is nearly as complete as google books and allows you to create library shelves too. Hathi Trust Digital Archive

The Silver Sunbeam, John Towler (New York: Joseph H. Ladd, 1864)

Summary of the editorial content of the British Journal Photographic Almanac from 1866 to 1928

Knowledge Media Design's photohistory resource page

Ellen Bahr's list of early photohistory resources and links

The Art of the Photogravure has historical texts, examples from Camera Work and a good set of working definitions for photogravure.

Online PhD Theses. The British Library working with UK Universities have introduced a new service called EThOS that provides free access to online PhD theses produced at participating UK Higher Education institutions - The database contains the details of 250,000+ theses with the full text being added over time (and by request) for theses from participating institutions. Some theses are already available for download, but you may find that you need to request others that you are interested in. If you request a thesis, there is a delay while copyright permission is sought and the text is digitized. Registration to use the service is free.

Mike Ware text:Mechanisms of image deterioration in early photographs

Photolit Database

Nicephore Niepce Letters online

Useful bibliography from photocollector Ken Jacobson

Glossary of Art and paper restoration and conservation terms with illsutrations - Fine Arts Conservancy

Citation Style: Chicago

This MA Programme relies upon Chicago as our preferred form of citation. When consulting resources on how to use Chicago in your papers, be sure to note that Chicago has a different format for the footnotes, or endnotes, than the bibliography.

Chicago Style Tips