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This modules is broadly divided into two parts: firstly the photographic industry and secondly industry and photography. The former looks as aspects of how photography commercialised and made itself a mass medium while the latter looks at how other industries have made use of photography as a tool for its own objectives.


Module Assignment

Week 1. March 7 Introduction to Photography & Industry

Week 2. March 12-15 Bradford Residency

Week 3. March 21 Popular photography 1910-1935, Alternative histories

Week 4. March 28 Sam Weller

Week 5. April 11 Research Methods Poster Mock-Up

Week 6. April 16 and April 18,

TUESDAY The Vintage Print, Wilson Centre for Photography Studies,

THURSDAY Research Methods: 1-4 pm, Stuart Wade Poster Support, Portland 1.16

Week 7. April 25 Getty trip

Week 8. May 2 Presentations of P&I assessment

Week 9. May 9 Presentations for Research Posters

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