Seminar preparation for week 1

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Seminar preparation

Read the Wiki notes on Copyright and IPR then prepare a seminar paper for presentation next week that explores one of the key issues in copyright. Topics you could consider are listed below, but you could add others you think are important. Only one person per topic, so when you have selected your topic please put your name beside it in the list below to show that it is taken.

Topic Presenter
Do you think material should be automatically copyright or automatically copyright free? Why? Not yet taken
If public money has been used to digitise an image should that image be freely available to everyone on the Web? Not yet taken
Does it matter if others use your images without permission? Not yet taken
Why do Museums and Galleries seek to protect the copyright of high resolution images? Not yet taken
What copyright or licence statement would you recommend for Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865 [1] and why? Not yet taken
Image misappropriation and recontextualization Not yet taken
Is copyright licensing fit for purpose for the digital age? Not yet taken

Post your presentation to your personal pages on the wiki and paste a link to it here:

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