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== Why do we need databases? ==
== Why do we need databases? ==

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Why do we need databases?


Examine the bound copy of "Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865" supplied in class and think about how easy it would be to use it to answer the questions below.

How many exhibitors were showing Calotypes between 1845 and 1860?
How many photographs did Dr John Adamson exhibit between 1854 and 1864 and how many were from his own negatives?
Who showed the most expensive exhibit in this entire set of exhibitions?
How many different photographers exhibited between 1839 and 1865?
What photographic processes were exhibited between 1840 and 1862?
What were the three most popular exhibition venues between 1839 and 1865?
How many times are daguerrotypes mentioned in the catalogues?
What was the most popular price for an unframed print?
When were Carbon prints first exhibited?
Which was the most prolific year for photographic exhibitions?

Now consult the PEIB Website [1] to answer the same questions. OK, hopefully the point is sufficiently well made with these few examples. Prepare a seminar presentation for next week that explains the benefits of organising information in an online database. Can you think of any disadvantages? Post a link to your presentation here.

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