Seminar preparation for week 5

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In preparation for week 6, read:

Norman, D. 2002. The Design of Everyday Things. New York: Basic Books (2nd Ed.) pp. 151-156 and 187-206.

Pheasant, S. 1996. Bodyspace: anthropometry, ergonomics and the design of work. London: Taylor & Francis (2nd Ed.) pp. 5-10.

Krug, S. 2000. Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: Library,New Riders Publishing. Chapters 8-10.

Buxton, W. 2007. Sketching User Experiences. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufman pp. 139-141 and 371-391.

Watch Bill Buxton at

Read James Downes at

Prepare a seminar presentation for next week based on these readings. Topics you could consider are listed below, but you could add others you think are important. Only one person per topic, so when you have selected your topic please put your name beside it in the list below to show that it is taken.

Topic Presenter
What is "user-centred design" and why does it matter? Not yet taken
Why is it not a good idea to use yourself as a model when designing things for other people ? Not yet taken
How can user trials help designers? Not yet taken
What is the difference between a user experience sketch and a prototype? Not yet taken
How should user trials be run? Not yet taken
What needs to be included in a sketch design? Not yet taken
How soon should you begin testing your ideas? Not yet taken

Post your presentation to your personal pages on the wiki and paste a link to it here:

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