Seminar preparation for week 7

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Prepare a written seminar paper on one aspect of your resource, such as the photographic processes or the equipment used to create it, or the type of image content, or the method of manufacture, or the social, political or economic significance of these types of objects. Your paper should tell a story about your chosen aspect, adding a layer of interpretation [1]to the information you have assembled so far. It may help to think about this in terms of a series of questions. For example, you could ask (and answer!) questions such as “what process(es) were used to create these objects? Why were these processes used at this time? What materials were involved? How popular was this process at the time? What sorts of people made these sorts of objects? Who bought them and why? What were they used for? How long were these sorts of objects in vogue? Why did their popularity wane? What replaced them?” This activity requires you to carry out some background research into your resource. Your seminar paper will provide you with content to add to your images for your online exhibition.

Your paper should not exceed 1500 words (plus references) with supporting images as necessary to illustrate your points. Please upload your paper to the wiki and post a link to it here.

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