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overall vision

Who we are as a group - this is what we aim to offer.

We will create a web based portal for access to the global photographic community, that will consolidate the access to crucial resources in the field.

A networking initiative to grow/advance/evolve toward a body that is sustainable even outside the current group.

Offering a support network to ditigital and research initiatives in photographic studies. Establish a support netowrk to engage interdisciplinary, facilitate

To identify compile, create and disseminate knowledge relating to photography, photographic history and conservation of photographic materials.

To enable and stimulate photographic studies in a professional and interdisciplinary forum.

To foster appreciation of the importance, quality and cultural significance of photography/photographic materials.

contribute to the definition of standards, research ethics and best practices for the field of photogrpahic history and conservation studies

To raise photographic collections and the practice of their management to a level of international engagement and collaborative refinement paired with sustainable programmes of financial and administrative support.

To provide a comprehensive mapping of photographic collections at the Collection and Series level in order to ensure inclusive representation of lesser known or researched collections which are at risk of being marginalised.

To foster a sense of collective public ownership and empowerment with regard to public influence and interaction with photographic collections.

Creating simple models and guidelines for sustainable adaptive management of photographic resources which take into considerations the increasing sophistication and diversity of its users’ needs.


Resources Online - That is primary resouces online for photography. BJP, Photographic News, Indexes to photographic papers, amateur photographic journals, theses, bibliographies, links to research websites (Talbot, Fenton, photolit, exhibitions)

Online publication - publish peer reviewed, collaborative research in photography subjects.

Provide a forum to establish research priorities.


Provision of research tools will foster research/cutting edge/not duplication

Bring together/concertation of the research community

Raising the profile of collections within the research community/ community at large, driving revenue into the museum sector

Preserving cultural heritage by raising the awareness of the need for conservation as an integral part of photographic research/historical research.

Creating a direct link between international research and educational curriculum, emphasizing visual literacy of primary resources.

cost effictive allocation and maximizing and unlocking human and monetary resources, and the economic benefit will unlock cultural resources.

Increase the scope and possibility of acquiring funding - private and public.

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