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vision statement

  • DMU will send draft deadline by ICOM October 18.

networking proposals

  • Marc testing a mapping of collections in scotland

research proposals

  • Kodak archive - NMeM, BL, DMU short proposal in first week
  • networking grant - BL, Michael, NGA, Clara, ESHPh, Pete, NMeM, St Andrews, Jane, Roger

presence on the web

identify additional participants

  • CNPC
  • other countries?
  • Key corporates eg. Google, MicroSoft
  • AIC
  • PMG
  • ICOM
  • PARC - Val Williams
  • Clara to ask at University of Melbourne
  • Marc to ask at Ryerson

who is the patron saint of photography: Veronica

Dr Gerard Moran

Dean, Faculty of Art and Design

De Montfort University

The Gateway




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