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Photographic History Research Centre

Welcome to De Montfort University's Photographic History Research Centre (PHRC)!

We were formally established in 2010. The Centre brings together a experts in the field with a strong research profile and practical skills in the application of digital scholarship to make primary sources more widely available to researchers in photographic history and conservation.

The PHRC is able to offer:

  • The provision of dedicated working space and IT
  • Access to the Centre's research library, including the Kodak Research Journals Library and other resources
  • Facilitated access to UK photographic collections

The Centre has both full and associate members. Full members are expected to be resident at DMU for part or all of the academic year, and to contribute to the scholarly activity of the PHRC. Associate members will fulfil various roles within the PHRC, and may be resident anywhere. Associate members are expected to support the networking, digitizing, publishing and scholarly projects undertaken within the institute or the institute's networks and will be welcome to attend Institute symposia, seminars, and invited lectures and will have access to the research facilities at DMU when visiting or researching. We hope that Associate members will return to the PHRC periodically to disseminate current research.

Amongst the Centre's wider aims are:

  • The development of a networked web presence for photographic history and conservation research
  • The creation of a portal to online primary resources, photographic collections and archives
  • A publication and lecture programme
  • Researchers visiting the Centre are encouraged to contribute to the activities of the university's MA programme in Photographic History and Practice and the work of its doctoral students.

The Centre welcomes applications from MA, doctoral and post-graduate researchers in the field of photographic history. Please contact Kelley Wilder by email at: or telephone +44 (0)116 207 8865.

Research Projects

Staff and Visiting Researchers 2010-2011



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